Seal Parts

GES provide high quality Seal parts.

  • Head and Base
  • Abrasive Resistant Mechanical Seal
  • High Strength Shaft (Monel K-500 or Inconel)
  • High-temperature flexible AFLAS elastomer bag
  • High-temperature AFLAS sealing ring
  • High-load thrust bearing is applicable to the ESP protector and shall bear the downward axial force as generated by the pump during operation. High-load thrust bearing adopts tilting-pad structure, and at the same time, important structures and parameters concerning directional lubrication, support form, eccentricity of bearing bush, back-up material for bearing bush, and retaining appliance have been meticulously designed and finalized through repeated performance optimization design. This will finally reduce the power loss, the oil flow and the temperature of bearing bushing whilst solving axial vibration and other issues commonly seen in the industry.


  • High Load
  • High anti-fatigue strength
  • High insulation

Data Sheet of High-load Thrust Bearing 

Series Casing Diameter In/mm Max Ambient
Max Shaft HP Max Thrust Bearing Load (LBS)
℉/℃ 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz
338 4.5/114.3 300/150 200 240 2500 3000
400 5.5/139.7 300/150 200 240 8600 10320
513 7.0/177.8 300/150 500 600 12000 14400


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