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About Us

About Us



Green ESP Solutions (referred to as GES) is an Electric Submersible Pumping system company based in Tianjing.

We provide a wide range of ESP products that include motor, seal, gas separator, pump and parts.

Our mission is maximize your profits and minimize your cost.

The advantages of our products is safe, reliable, efficient, high-quality and competitive price.

Our Products:

Motor: 375, 456, 540, 562 series.
Seal: 338, 400, 513 series.
Gas Separator: 338,400,513 series.
Pump: 338,400,538,675 series.
ESP parts: All series of products mentioned above.

More information please contact sales@greenespsolutions.com


Tel: (832) 343-9009
Email: sales@greenespsolutions.com
Website: www.greenespsolutions.com